the Entertainment Begins!

Damian Carbenell returns to the Expo stage for a RARE and very special performance!

We have an INCREDIBLE line up of activity and entertainment at the Expo today!!!  Here we go – we’re rollin’!!

1pm – The Monarchs present Apparitions! – Be scared.. very scared

2 pm – Prim Perfect’s Designer Talks: Loz Hyde and Ria Bazar – come hear a story that is sure to make you TOTALLY smile!  oh..  let’s just add right here, CONGRATULATIONS Harry and Meghan.  🙂

3pm – Max Kleene takes the LIVE stage

4pm – Damian Carbenell returns for a one show LIVE show

5pm – Satin & Erin

6pm – Jacqueline Luik

7pm – Red Heaven

8pm – Rara Destiny

9pm – ΑяяΑ

10pm – Meeshy