Today at the Home Expo!

Mondays are awesome at the Home, Garden (and BREEDABLES!) Expo!  So much to see and do here.  Seven regions of seriously well done displays.  Today is a good day to just come out and walk around and SHOP, plan your own home design.. and support the amazing cause that is Relay For Life

As of this morning our efforts at this event has raised more than 1.3 million lindens and we are just thrilled.  That goes towards so many important things in the important fight against cancer.  WE ARE SAVING LIVES.  We are helping to educate on the fight that cancer is.  Let’s keep going.  Come out and join us.. we need YOU.  When you’re at the Expo, just north of Home Expo 1 region is the gorgeous American Cancer Society Island.  Visit it and see where some of the lindens we raise go.  The island is there all year round and house many features such as 24/7 support to cancer survivors, caregivers and more.

So, what else is happening at The Expo today, you ask?

Today ends the application process for the Home and Garden Decorating Competition!  Prizes will be announced shortly, but the prize pot currently stands at over L$35,000.  To get an application in go HERE!

Viviana Houston takes the Expo Stage at 1 today!

On the Expo Center Stage today at 1pm we have the INCREDIBLE vocals of Second Life performer, Viviana Houston. If you’ve not heard her sing yet, you really want to come out.

On the same stage at 5pm it’s Show and Tell time! Prim Perfect’s ‘Talks and Discussions‘ series invites the Expo Exhibitor’s to come to the stage and show us what’s new in their line. This has become a very popular part of the Expo series.


At 10 am in the Expo Classroom, today’s instruction is provided by the wonderful DeAnn Dufaux of Park Place Homes & Decor. She will be teaching Building Fundamentals – Sharing/Deeding/Permissions. Seating is limited in the class so come grab yours!


THANK YOU to the fantastic team of BLOGGERS who have been posting about our Expo.  You all just ROCK!  Check out all the posts so far.  Keep em coming, Team  – we love them!