Talks and a Class at the Expo today!

Today we have two talks and a class at the Home and Garden Expo.

At twelve noon SLT  in the Classroom,  Saffia Widdershins will be leading a class on how to build a brand identity, looking at some of the ways that you can use tools inworld and out to build your brand identity – including the role of social media.


At 2pm SLT on the Main Stage, Ria Bazar of Bazar and Loz Hyde of MESHWORX will be talking about their new joint venture elev8, and about their work together in Sansar.

And we’ll be hearing a story that’s rather appropriate in the light of events that having been generating a certain amount of attention elsewhere in the world …


At 5pm, again on the main stage, Eku Zhong will be talking about her fabulous store CUPRIT, about design – and why she’s looking forward to animesh, and about Second Life too.