Home and Garden Expo Decorating Competition
Home and Garden Expo Decorating Competition Voting Ends Tomorrow! Come out and VOTE for your favorite.

Voting is well underway in the first annual Expo Decorating Competition.  Every vote is a linden toward our fundraising goal, so come vote for your favorite!  What a fun comp this has been.

We are getting so close to $7500 dollars raised for The American Cancer Society at this point and have four days to push to get to our $10,000 goal.  It’s going to be challenging but we can do it!  If you haven’t been to the Expo yet, come out and enjoy it while it’s still here!

Finalists in the Beat the Clock comp waiting to log in their time for a final attempt. Pictured are: Trader Whiplash, Kitty Gumbo, Arizona Ballinger, Nikki Mathieson, Random Darrow, Ari Spark, Nuala Maracas, Adam Spark and TS Darrow.

Beat the Clock game show wrapped up last night and what fun it was!  The finalists were Adam and Ari Spark, PrettyKitty Gumbo, Trader Whiplash and Nuala Maracas.  It was a close race and the girls gave those guys a run for the money!  Beat the Clock was an obstacle course and contestants paid 300L each to the Expo RFL kiosk, to enter.  That entry fee gave them three attempts to beat the clock.  Two of their ending times were thrown out and their best time saved.  The course required skills in golf, basketball throw, hopscotch, zip lining, steering a hamster wheel and driving a tiny car to the finish line.  So much fun to watch!  The winners, in first is Nuala Maracas, second place went to Trader Whiplash and third place is PrettyKitty Gumbo!  Prizes included a 2500L donation to an RFL kiosk of the winner’s choice.  That donation went to The Home and Garden Expo!  Thank you, Nuala!

Family Feud gets underway on Saturday, June 2nd at 9am SLT.  Four teams will compete in a tournament that will end with one winning team!  The family feud set is located on the Expo Center region.  Come out and cheer on the teams!

DJ Gem Sunkiller takes the Expo stream today at 5pm.  Gem is a longtime Relay For Life volunteer and well loved SL DJ who can also be heard on T1 Radio.  Gem will take us through the evening with fun music and dance, at the Center Stage.. so hopefully we’ll see you there!