@ THE EXPO ~ MAY 31st

The Relay For Life kiosks are at almost L$1,885,000 today!  WooHOO… We’re getting there!

Reven Rosca is in the spotlight today when she is a guest on Prim Perfect’s ‘Talks and Discussions‘ hosted by Saffia Widdershins.  Located at the Main Center Stage at the Home Expo, Saffia will bring to guests a look at Reven’s longtime business in Second Life.  As always there will be time for Q&A, so bring your questions and come on out!

At 6pm tonight Beryl Strifeclaw will present the class ‘Building For Roleplay’ in the Expo classroom.  Plan for approximately an hour presentation.. all materials are provided.

It is the last day to vote on the Home Decorating Comp located on Expo 6.  There are so many great entries to choose from.  Voting is done by dropping lindens into the RFL kiosk of your favorite.

Family Feud signups are underway.  Four teams will compete in tournament style until we have a final champion team.  Teams consist of 5 players each and the entry fee is 500L per player to the Home & Garden Relay For Life vendor.  Please visit the game show area of the Expo and click the sign to sign up or IM Random Padar Darrow today.  The game begins Saturday morning, June 2nd.

Nina Bing is one of tonight’s performers at the Expo!
the fabulous Porter Paquot takes the Expo stage tonight!

At the Expo Center Stage today beginning at 4pm we have lots of music kicking off.  Here is the schedule for tonight’s wonderful performances from the Expo!

4-6pm: DJ Shayla Juran
6pm: Nina Bing
7pm: Porter Paquot