The first Home & Garden Expo was held on 2 mainland rental sims in 2008.  Founded by Nikki Mathieson, the first event was actually called the Home, Garden and Patio Expo.  With around 20 exhibitors, the Expo raised 85000L for RFL and the trail was blazed.

In 2009, Prim Perfect joined the, now named, Home and Garden Expo and Saffia Widdershins brought a whole new awareness to it.  The Expo was held on four rental sims that year.

By 2010 the Expo moved to full regions and in 2011 the Meet the Creator series by Saffia Widdershins began.  The annual event included a Breedables Fair in 2012 with a remarkable closing One of a Kind Breedables Auction that raised 800,000L for RFL.  In 2014, Nikki Mathieson chaired Relay For Life and handed the Expo reigns over to Kat Alderson for the 2015 Expo.

Kaerri Rae and Cain Maven along with Reven Rosca coordinated the 2016 and 2017 Expos and Breedables Fair before handing it back over to the original founder, Nikki Mathieson.  Over the years, the Expo and Breedables Fair combined to cover up to 11 Regions and bringing hundreds of some of SL’s best furniture, home and garden designers to showcase their incredible talents and creations!

Plans for the 11th annual Home & Garden Expo are underway and there will be some new events coming along with some of the tried and true ones.  Saffia Widdershins is joining Nikki in a coordinated effort to produce another fantastic version of the longest running Home and Garden event in Second Life.

For more information about being an Exhibitor, follow this link.  To join the team of incredible bloggers, please go here.  The 2018 Expo will run from May 19th thru June 2nd.


The grand display of Second Life's Home & Garden & Breedable creations!