Illicit Sculpture Logo
Illicit Sculpture Fine Art Gallery is a space established to enable artists to express themselves free from the constraints of the “real world”.
Etamae logo
Unique or limited edition fine art
by Chiana Oh
Art Gallery Crescent
Colorful Abstract Paintings
AMU Logo
Original art, illustration and cartoons created in ink and watercolour paint by AMU’s pet human. Subjects include traditional landscapes, botanical art, wildlife, pets and a growing supply of cartoon mischief.
Bryn Oh logo
Immersive artist
Sina souza poster
Images with Mood, Story and Message, sometimes in a surreal way
Slatan Dryke
Slatan Dryke
Marcel & Sebastian's Art Gallery
Marcel & Sebastian’s Art Gallery is a gallery to exhibit the artwork of Marcel Mosswood in acrylic on canvas medium, and Sebastian Pandu H in digital art. We also exhibit SL photography with special uniqueness that is no editing outside the SL, and animated 2D artworks.
Mathilde Vhargon Galleries

I love making digital paintings, and rarely use any materials other than my own art or painted textures from which to begin. I do not have a suitable place to paint with physical materials, and would not be able to paint at all if it were not for digital software.
Ilyra Chardin Logo
Ilyra Chardin is an artist and designer. Her SL 3D art installations have included: FACES (LEA23), My Secret Garden, and Breaking Thru the Glass Ceiling. Ilyra also specializes in real life and mixed-media storybook and landscape 2D art. Her work has been featured in numerous galleries in SL.
Amy Inawe Art
Paintings, digital art, photography.
Petit Chat Art Gallery
Jamais Vu logo
I am an amateure RL photographer. I experiment with different genres, like street-, art-, landscape and portrait photography. All photos are my own work and I do my own editing. I mostly use my Leica camera or my iPhone, depending on the situation.
An eclectic selection of pictures.
Loz Mac logo
LozMac Designs. Detailed, unique and beautiful art & textures.
Fractal Insanity logo
Original fractal and abstract art.
Rey's Home logo
I’ve been in sl since 2012. I’ve spent a lot of my time traveling around this world. In the real world I work with digital and 3D graphics. I really like creating and manipulating to experiment with color and effect forms both in 2D and in 3D.
Sweet Susanowa
I only like to take pictures 🙂
iSkye Silverweb
iSkye Silverweb
Sakki’s Art Gallery LogoOriginal self created art
Artscapes Galleyr logo
The beauty here really sparked my imagination. I focus mostly on landscapes and love to capture the essence of SL in my work. I enhance my photography using textures and photoshop. My art is about expressing myself in a new medium.
Frostwych Gallery
Digital art / virtual reality photography
A.E.Meth logo
RL comic artist who sells paintings, makeup, and skins in SL.
Ramsa Luv logo
Art style and quality
Art by Pieni Logo
Pieni makes her own artworks, but also owns a non-profit gallery Galleria Kakku to support other artists.

The grand display of Second Life's Home & Garden & Breedable creations!