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Lush Landscaping

A bit of a tropical feel is arriving to the entertainment region through some beautiful vegetation. Come wander and relax as you visit team booths, the main stage or the auditorium at the Home and Garden Expo.

Waffleville @ Expo

Waffleville spotlights the Tinies, Dinkies and Chibit Communities. Stores and parkland all designed for these adorable avatars, yet still biggie friendly.

Stores will have two lower spaces and one upper space inside to show off some wonderfully small sized items.

The park boasts entertainment

as well as snacks, cause everyone gets hungry!

Come explore your cute side at Waffleville!

Stop by the malls

The corner malls house stores offering an assortment of goods for homes and gardens as well as artist’s spaces to help personalize your spaces. You can also get more information on Relay For Life itself at the malls.

Find out more about our wonderful media partners Seraphim, Grid Affairs and SL Newser.

You can find out more about The Grove, Galland Homes, Mieville, Scala, Gull Wing’s Sailing Club, Undercover Landscaping and Sim Design, Myth Mystery & Magic and the The Last Stop Saloon Biker Bar.

Plenty to explore and relaxing spaces to take a break in. The corner malls have a lot to offer. So stop off to see whats on special or sit and relax before restarting your journey through the Second Life Home & Garden Expo.

Waffleville ?

Something new is arriving at Second Life Home & Garden Expo this year!

A special biggie friendly mall featuring stores aimed at Tinies, Dinkies and Chibit avatars. Come for the snacks stay for the deals and riverdancing!

Just Around the corner!

Everyone is busy getting the place ready and spruced up for your visit to the Second Life Home & Garden Expo! Flowers are being planted, shrubs being trimmed, homes are painted, furniture is being moved in and acts are getting ready to wow you.

So save the dates to visit February 27th to March 21st. Catch an amazing act at the main stage, attend a talk by our exhibitors at the auditorium or check out the RFL booths to learn more about this year’s teams. Walk the sims to visit SL’s top designers, not forgetting to pop into the malls anchoring our corners and this year’s special addition of Waffleville a Tinies, Dinkies and Chibit mall space.

You can already get an idea of who will be part of this long running RFL event by visiting the sponsor page links on the left.

We can’t wait to see you once we open the doors!