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%Percent Retro & Vintage
All mesh sold by %Percent is original, made by Plato Novo, and exclusive to %Percent unless otherwise stated, (collaborations with other creators, artists, etc.)
Prime (including also Known as) is yor purveyor of handcrafted high end master suites in a variety of styles. PRIME is rainbow friendly, and our furniture is suitable for FF, MF and MM couples.
IAZ Studio ~ Interior Design, decorating and ornamental creations. Always looking for a twist between originality and unusual.
Sahi Designs logo
Sahi Designs – Tasteful Modifiable High Quality Coordinated Furniture for Your Home and Garden.
Galland Homes
Broken Creek Decor Logo
Broken Creek Decor presents indoor/outdoor pottery featuring original textures. Photography, novelty lighting, and decor for the home or office.
Simple Reflections Logo

Simple Reflections creates original mesh to cater to your home and garden needs.
Dench Designs logo
Here at Dench Designs we have affordable Low Prim Furniture. We sell Seating, Dining Room Furniture, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Curtains, Drapes, Outdoor Seating, Lighting, Fireplaces, Campfires, Cuddle furniture, Garden Plants and Animesh Characters.
Velvet Whip Logo
High quality mesh furniture, clothing & props to enhance any RP experience. From Medieval to Fantasy, from Vintage to modern, plus outdoor / indoor seasonal decor. Great food selection, gacha, accessories
Steelhead Outfitters logo
Great stuff for the great outdoors..everything you need for your outdoors lifestyle.
The Grove Logo
Second Life’s premier, one of a kind residential community.
Fantasy/Roleplay, Home & Garden, Wardrobe, Backdrops, Seasonal & More!
ChiMia sells furniture, decor, accessories, props, and more for Second Life avatars and homes.
Digitize – Home and Garden Store
All content is original and mesh, baked and detailed.
FaceDesk brings you fine original mesh creations of all kinds, from Landscaping, to Skyboxes, Furniture and more! Low prim and beautiful is our goal! Trees, Off-Sim Island, Furniture, Animesh, Avatars, Vehicles, Landscaping, Skybox and more!!
Mesh Flowers for home and garden. A great selection of mesh roses in pots, in clay, in vase, Bouquets Bento and Classic in hand. Spring flowers and other plants ….
Specializing in group cuddle items, Gems of Topaz is pleased to re-open its in-world store. Whether you look to cuddle between 2 or a family of 5, Gems of Topaz creations can accomodate your cuddle needs.
Love Everlasting Home & Garden store sells fine furniture with unique animations. We also have a wide variety of homes and prefab shops, in addition to our full line of outdoor decor. Put on your hiking shoes and wander our three tiered mountain filled with homes, plants and outdoor decor. Furniture is located in the building at the landing point. Monthly group gifts and fun freebies, too!
Low-prim, high-quality sim decoration for your neighborhood, town, sim!
Add – on for all bellisseria houses, traditionnal and victorian , houseboats and trailers
Makers of small buildings, home decor and furniture for both indoors and outdoors.
Park Place Home has a large assortment of fine furniture that includes living room, bedroom, office/study, and dining rooms. There is also a nice selection of outdoor furniture for beach, deck, patio, or garden as well as original artwork and decorative accessories.
Polymorph provides high quality 3D mesh statues for interior and exterior decoration. We offer a wide variety of artistic creations, both classical and original.
RVi Design offers a variety of personal, indoor and outdoor accessories, builds and landscape designs. We specialize mainly in rustic decor and styles vary from the today’s country feel to the medieval and ancient fiction worlds where Elves, Dragons and Faeries come from! Our customers are primarily home owners and/or role-play groups members.
Surge Full Permission Mesh – Building Components, Furniture, Decor, full perm, templates
We cater to a variety of different tastes & interests. Our brands range anywhere from fantasy to general landscaping & beyond. Because we build to meet a variety of different themes, you never know what you will find in our treasure trove of home & garden items!
The Velvet Moon – Landscape and celebrations
Decorate your home/shop with emotion!
Real life designs of a detail driven artist, brought to Second Life. Art, sound, textures, home, garden and more! If it’s made of pixels I will try to add my arty touch to it. If you like your designs detailed, bold or filled with colour, then you’ll love what LozMac Designs has in store 🙂
Wild wild west Role play and country western buildings
Curtains, Drapes, Scarfs, Valances, Draped Blinds, Cloud, Campfire, Rugs, Wedding, Wedding Drapes, Wedding Arbor, Wedding Chair, Pillows, Beds, Roses, Full Perm
Medieval Fantasy items for your Home or role play, Build kits and Sim designs, Landscaping Forests and Plants, Furniture, Garden Items… All custom made designs and meshes
S2 ~ One of the leading creators of roleplay items and buildings, since 2011. S2 is committed on creating original, quality products for Role-Playing, focusing on public use buildings and installations, and props for home and work, bringing more realism and usability to any scenario.S2
Mindgardens Creations

The grand display of Second Life's Home & Garden & Breedable creations!