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@ THE EXPO ~ MAY 31st

The Relay For Life kiosks are at almost L$1,885,000 today!  WooHOO… We’re getting there!

Reven Rosca is in the spotlight today when she is a guest on Prim Perfect’s ‘Talks and Discussions‘ hosted by Saffia Widdershins.  Located at the Main Center Stage at the Home Expo, Saffia will bring to guests a look at Reven’s longtime business in Second Life.  As always there will be time for Q&A, so bring your questions and come on out!

At 6pm tonight Beryl Strifeclaw will present the class ‘Building For Roleplay’ in the Expo classroom.  Plan for approximately an hour presentation.. all materials are provided.

It is the last day to vote on the Home Decorating Comp located on Expo 6.  There are so many great entries to choose from.  Voting is done by dropping lindens into the RFL kiosk of your favorite.

Family Feud signups are underway.  Four teams will compete in tournament style until we have a final champion team.  Teams consist of 5 players each and the entry fee is 500L per player to the Home & Garden Relay For Life vendor.  Please visit the game show area of the Expo and click the sign to sign up or IM Random Padar Darrow today.  The game begins Saturday morning, June 2nd.

Nina Bing is one of tonight’s performers at the Expo!
the fabulous Porter Paquot takes the Expo stage tonight!

At the Expo Center Stage today beginning at 4pm we have lots of music kicking off.  Here is the schedule for tonight’s wonderful performances from the Expo!

4-6pm: DJ Shayla Juran
6pm: Nina Bing
7pm: Porter Paquot



Longtime online and inworld radio broadcast T1 Radio takes the spotlight today at the Expo!

Today is T1 Radio day at the Expo!  T1 has been a longtime broadcaster of Relay For Life of Second Life.  In fact, T1 has been a HUGE part of RFL since 2005!   T1 takes the stream throughout the day on all of the Expo regions.

Beat the Clock game show gets underway today.  Individuals will race through an obstacle course trying for their best time.  There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place wins for this competition and the prize purse includes linden cash for first place!  C’mon out and compete or even just hang around and cheer on the competitors.  9am

at 2pm today, we are having show and tell as part of the the Expo’s ‘Talks and Discussions’.  Expo exhibitors are encouraged to bring samples of their latest creations and have a chat with Saffia Widdershins and the T&D audience.  At 5pm Saffia returns to the Expo Center Main Stage with a second ‘Talks and Discussions‘ interview today!  She’ll be sitting down with the Relay For Life of Second Life Event Leadership Team of Nuala Maracas, MamaP Beerbaum Alter, Random Padar Darrow, Nikki Mathieson and Stingray Raymaker.

Also at 2pm today Petlove Petshop will present her fantastic class on Machinima..  (can take up to 2 hrs).  This class is full of everything you need to know to create video production in our online world.  This class fills up!  Come out to the Expo classroom.

At 3:30 today T1 Radio’s Trader Whiplash brings Relay Rap to the Expo Main Stage!  This radio show has been a popular fixture for about 5 years now.  Today’s show will feature MamaP and Trager Alter who will talk about their new project (since spring 2018) called Relay Refresh.  Joining them to talk about the Home Expo will be Expo coordinator Nikki Mathieson.

Home and Garden Expo Decorating Competition
Home and Garden Expo Decorating Competition Voting Begins Today

Voting begins at the Home Decorating Competition on Home Expo 6 today.  There are 12 homes to look through and we vote with lindens dropped into a RFL kiosk located at the home of your favorite choice.  It’s a full day of fun at the Expo today.. grab  your landmarks and come on over!


Talks and a Class at the Expo today!

Today we have two talks and a class at the Home and Garden Expo.

At twelve noon SLT  in the Classroom,  Saffia Widdershins will be leading a class on how to build a brand identity, looking at some of the ways that you can use tools inworld and out to build your brand identity – including the role of social media.


At 2pm SLT on the Main Stage, Ria Bazar of Bazar and Loz Hyde of MESHWORX will be talking about their new joint venture elev8, and about their work together in Sansar.

And we’ll be hearing a story that’s rather appropriate in the light of events that having been generating a certain amount of attention elsewhere in the world …


At 5pm, again on the main stage, Eku Zhong will be talking about her fabulous store CUPRIT, about design – and why she’s looking forward to animesh, and about Second Life too.



a favorite SL performer for many, Quartzz kicks off the LIVE music entertainment today at The Expo Main Stage!

We have lots of fun activity in store today at The Expo!  The game shows get revved up with the trial run sessions of Beat the Clock!  Entrance is on the Expo Center region, there is a sign with info inside or you can IM Random Padar to learn how you can join us in this year’s Game Shows, Beat the Clock and Family Feud!  Proceeds benefit Relay For Life!

Located on Home Expo 6 at stage 2 today we feature the amazing show called, “MJF’s MoonwalKING” by Second Life entertainer MichaelJACKSON Follet.  This is a show not to be missed, if you have never seen an MJ Follet presentation. 

MICHAELjackson Follet came to SecondLife on July 14, 2009 with a mission to be a tribute for grieving fans in the wake of the death of the King of Pop in June of the same year. Over the past six years since, he has worked to continue MJJ’s mission of love and healing the world by devoting his time and energy to producing the most accurate and true-to-life tribute to the King of Pop in SL.

In addition to his work for the fans, he has supported several charities, with his main focus being raising funds for the Francesca Rava Foundation N.P.H. ONLUS in Haiti.

Working together with Viviana Houston and CLE Productions he has produced virtual versions of many of MJJ’s music videos and concerts, as well as created new and innovative tribute shows to keep Michael’s spirit alive here in Second Life.  His crowning achievement however, is the beautiful and detailed recreation of Michael Jackson’s own NeverLand Ranch, which is open to the public year round. His work has ensured that this historical place will live on in this virtual environment.

MJF’s latest production is called MoonwalKING. It is an exciting and innovative tribute where the greatest hits of Michael Jackson’s career, take flight into outer space. Join us for a unique MJ experience that should not be missed!

Come early to grab your spot!  The show begins at 2

This show will be followed by DJ Tazzie who will take us through a couple hours of great music and dance.  DJ Tazzie is a T1 radio deejay.


Today’s ‘Talk and Discussions‘ series features a chat with Eku Zhong of Culprit.  Saffia Widdershins returns as our host for another entertaining information session.  The show begins at 5pm on the Expo Center main stage.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~At noon on this holiday weekend Saturday, you can stop in at the Expo classroom for a class presented by Prim Perfect’s Saffia Widdershins.  Today’s instruction will be around building a brand identity.  Seating is limited so come grab yours early.


and.. on the Expo Main Stage this evening, we have another GREAT lineup of LIVE music. Beginning at 6 we’ll all meet on the main stage and dance the night away. Bring your requests, your dance shoes, your friends and come on out to the Expo! THANK YOU to all Expo entertainers who encourage any and all tips go to Relay For Life.

6pm – Quartzz
7pm – Ororo Munroe
8pm – Dirty Dee Sweetwater

@ The Expo ~ May 24th

Shaye Dezno takes the stage today at The Home Expo!

There’s quite a lot going on today on this 6th day of the Home & Garden Expo with the Breedables Fair!  Since opening last Saturday it’s been a blast, catching up with old friends and meeting lots of new ones.  Thank you for visiting our event and showing your enthusiasm for some of the BEST home life creations in Second Life along with visiting the stages and enjoying the amazing talent that we are so lucky to have in our virtual world.

Today we’ll start with the Expo classroom.  At 5pm, on the Expo center region, today’s class will be presented by Beryl Strifeclaw , who will be instructing guests in building for roleplay.  The class will last approximately an hour and seating is always limited for the Expo classes so plan ahead to get in and get your seat!


On the same region, at the main stage area tonight’s musical entertainment kicks off at 5 with the incredible sounds of Erik Kottzen at the mic.  Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, his shows feature pop, rock, hard rock and more covering bands from Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Guns’N’Roses, Journey, Metallica, Mr. Big, Whitesnake, Queen to Originals and more.

At 6pm the incredible Shaye Dezno will continue to move us with her delightful vocals.  Streaming in from Ontario, Canada Shaye has an incredible range of music on her songlist from country to rock and she is sure to include her endearing personality as she draws her audience in close with her charming giggles and wit.  Her shows are such a treat and we’re happy to have her at The Expo!

At 7 pm DJ Titan Hawksby takes us through the next 2 hours while he spins the tunes from the main Expo stage.  Titan Hawksby has been a popular DJ in Second Life for many years and he is sure to keep us all in party mode as we wrap up another fun and exciting day at the event that benefits RFL of SL.


On the Home Expo 6 region at 5 pm today we have another interview in our series ‘Talks and Discussions‘ with Prim Perfect’s Saffia Widdershins.  Today she sits down for an hour with H0neyheart of Elite Equestrian.  Bring your questions and come out for an interesting conversation with one of SL’s popular horse creators.

Following this chat, at 6, DJ Tristan of WHIP radio will close out today’s entertainment on Stage 2 while he spins the tunes and dances us through the end of another wonderful day at the Expo.  Much going on today and it’s a great day to continue browsing through all the many displays!

Expo Activity ~ May 22

MtFB Radio takes the airwaves today at The Home Expo.
The radio station designed with the grid flyer in mind. Tune in to live broadcasts or listen to recordings of previous ones.  A nice mix of music that goes well with flying, boating or just about anything you are doing.

They are available to do a live broadcast of your next aviation event.  IM Luke Flywalker to set up a show.

Now available by popular demand 24/7 Music to Fly By parcel media stream sponsored by The SL Aviation Network. Now listen to the awesome mix of tunes from classic rock and country to techno and anything in between anytime on your parcel. Let Luke know if you would like an announcement for your airport, group or aviation event.  Happy to promote your aviation related activities free of charge.

Stream URL for SL:

MtFB Radio is an RFL of SL media partner.


We start our day with 1,419,750L in the monies raised for Relay category.  WooHOOO!  How exciting for us and for RFL of SL.  If you’d like to join in on this year’s fundraising season, you could IM Nikki Mathieson for the official tools and set out kiosks at your mainstore locations.  This year’s RFL of SL theme is, ‘United We Relay’ and we’d love to become united with even more of you!


In the Expo classroom today we’re going to learn how to deal with good ole’  SL lag.  This class is presented by Bluezy Bleac, who is a member of the Firestorm viewer support team.  The class starts at 10 am SLT.


The Art Show @ The Expo!

While traveling through the Expo grounds, be sure to check out this year’s Art Show.  There are many wonderful works of art for sale here.  Thank you to the artists who have graced this event with their talent.


On the Expo Center Stage today!

Make plans at 4pm to come out and dance with us while DJ Nuala Maracas spins those tunes!  Nuala is this year’s Relay For Life chair (her second year) and part of the Event Leadership Team.  Nuala is also a co-owner and longtime DJ on T1 Radio!  Adding to her long list of accomplishments is coordinator of the annual Christmas Expo. Here’s your taxi:

Class: Building Fundamentals – Sharing/Deeding/Permissions

Join us for a super and informative class on this important issue at 10am SLT today!

Have you ever been confused by the Second Life permissions system? Have you ever made something then tried to share it, only for that to fail? Have you ever received something full perms but then have had to pass it out transfer only? What does it all mean, and how can you set permissions securely?

Fortunately, DeAnn Dufuax is on hand to unravel these mysteries for us!

A long-time tutor at the Builder’s Brewery, DeAnn will be running the first of two classes on Building Fundamentals. It’s one you won’t want to miss!


Today at the Home Expo!

Mondays are awesome at the Home, Garden (and BREEDABLES!) Expo!  So much to see and do here.  Seven regions of seriously well done displays.  Today is a good day to just come out and walk around and SHOP, plan your own home design.. and support the amazing cause that is Relay For Life

As of this morning our efforts at this event has raised more than 1.3 million lindens and we are just thrilled.  That goes towards so many important things in the important fight against cancer.  WE ARE SAVING LIVES.  We are helping to educate on the fight that cancer is.  Let’s keep going.  Come out and join us.. we need YOU.  When you’re at the Expo, just north of Home Expo 1 region is the gorgeous American Cancer Society Island.  Visit it and see where some of the lindens we raise go.  The island is there all year round and house many features such as 24/7 support to cancer survivors, caregivers and more.

So, what else is happening at The Expo today, you ask?

Today ends the application process for the Home and Garden Decorating Competition!  Prizes will be announced shortly, but the prize pot currently stands at over L$35,000.  To get an application in go HERE!

Viviana Houston takes the Expo Stage at 1 today!

On the Expo Center Stage today at 1pm we have the INCREDIBLE vocals of Second Life performer, Viviana Houston. If you’ve not heard her sing yet, you really want to come out.

On the same stage at 5pm it’s Show and Tell time! Prim Perfect’s ‘Talks and Discussions‘ series invites the Expo Exhibitor’s to come to the stage and show us what’s new in their line. This has become a very popular part of the Expo series.


At 10 am in the Expo Classroom, today’s instruction is provided by the wonderful DeAnn Dufaux of Park Place Homes & Decor. She will be teaching Building Fundamentals – Sharing/Deeding/Permissions. Seating is limited in the class so come grab yours!


THANK YOU to the fantastic team of BLOGGERS who have been posting about our Expo.  You all just ROCK!  Check out all the posts so far.  Keep em coming, Team  – we love them!

the Entertainment Begins!

Damian Carbenell returns to the Expo stage for a RARE and very special performance!

We have an INCREDIBLE line up of activity and entertainment at the Expo today!!!  Here we go – we’re rollin’!!

1pm – The Monarchs present Apparitions! – Be scared.. very scared

2 pm – Prim Perfect’s Designer Talks: Loz Hyde and Ria Bazar – come hear a story that is sure to make you TOTALLY smile!  oh..  let’s just add right here, CONGRATULATIONS Harry and Meghan.  🙂

3pm – Max Kleene takes the LIVE stage

4pm – Damian Carbenell returns for a one show LIVE show

5pm – Satin & Erin

6pm – Jacqueline Luik

7pm – Red Heaven

8pm – Rara Destiny

9pm – ΑяяΑ

10pm – Meeshy