As most years before, we will offer various sorts of classes at the Expo. The classes will be related to the Expo’s theme, but wil not be restricted to building.

One of the things that we most enjoy offering at the RFL Home & Garden Expo each year is the schedule of classes for everyone in whatever areas of interest there might be, not only for builders but for the everyday SL resident who just wants to learn how to cope a little easier in this virtual world.

While we do offer classes in simple building projects just for you to have fun with, we also include things from inventory organization, to dealing with lag, to the easiest way to move your furniture around in the living room to digging a hole in your front lawn, and more.

Watch this space for the schedule and plan to join us for classes at the 2019 RFL Home & Garden Expo. We look forward to seeing you there!

More information will be given here as soon as possible.

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