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Chilly Pigeon
100% Original Mesh Home and Garden Furniture/Decor Indoor/Outdoor, Firepits, Fountains, Outdoor Furniture and other miscellaneous items…. just fun stuff!
We are a cooperative of artists, working together to bring you unique decor items. We specialize in Farmhouse Chic furnishings, utilizing reclaimed wood, wrought iron and other rustic materials.Dreamin’ Leaf
Widdershins – emporium of cobwebs and cantrips, fairy tale and foolishness, whimsy and wonder, oddities and.. um.. other things. Original mesh home decor, formerly by Chiana Oh.
EC Designs’=EC Designs= makes large and small buildings, as well as furniture and outdoor items. We also have many personal items such as streamers, followers, and avatar enhancements like fairy dust, and more.
Eclectica – Quality vintage accessories & homewares. Original mesh design. Shoes, glasses, jewelry. Furniture, decor. Fantasy, Steampunk, Victorian. Art Deco. Art Nouveau, Goth. Elegant Things to help you and your home be Unique
StoraxTree – We have Elegant, Eclectic, Vintage, Plants and more. Unusual furnishing & decor pieces. Low land impact meshes.
The place for: plants, flowers, landscaping, decoration, colorful gardening, park, patio, potted plants, bouquets, terrace, forest, woods, seasonal items, valentine, easter, fall, thanksgiving, halloween, christmas, gifts
!! Follow US !! Amazing, traditional, modern or retro furnitures & decoration, you’ll find your happiness
Marcellina’s Art Wear ~ Do you believe that art can be worn?
UnIverse] Fashion & Photographics.. Since 2010 we are a brand that is concerned with fashion music events photography and more. We place clothes for wedding evening dresses and sportswear from not only clothes are part of this, but also shoes and jewelry.
Mismash Fusion ~ A mishmash of ideas and expressions…

The grand display of Second Life's Home & Garden & Breedable creations!