Lantern Releases

the Reflection Garden
The Lantern Ceremony in 2012
The Lantern Ceremony in 2012’s Home Expo

Beautiful lanterns will be released at 4pm SLT each day in the Reflection Area.

in memory of our Jill MacKenzie, a longtime Relay volunteer, and Avi Choice andExpo crew member. We miss you, Jill…..

The reflection area is also the place where you can light a luminaria lantern in memory of a loved one or in support of one fighting cancer now.  You will find, in the Reflection Area, a Relay For Life of Second Life Survivor/Caregiver support group display.  This group is available  year round at The American Cancer Society island in SL.  You will find more information at the groups Expo display.  You are not alone in the fight against cancer.  Come visit us!


Reflection Area

American Cancer Society Island


The grand display of Second Life's Home & Garden & Breedable creations!