Wearable Art Awards of Second Life Competition

The Wearable Art Awards of Second Life Competition is an opportunity for designers to create the unimaginable, to challenge the conventional, and defy creative expectations. For designers, Wearable Art Awards of Second Life offers not only prize money but also profile and promote your work, as well as networking opportunities.

Whether you’re entering to progress yourself professionally or simply looking for a creative challenge, The Wearable Art Awards of second Life is a wonderful platform to push the limits of your imagination and creativity. Each year we will ask designers to be inspired by one of the four worlds that will make up the Wearable Art Awards of Second Life. There will be two recurring sections each year, Architecture and Avant Garde. The two unique sections for 2020 will be, Lighting and Landscape.

2020 Wearable Art Award Inspiration Categories:

  • Architecture
  • Avant-Garde
  • Lighting
  • Landscape

Wearable Arts Pinterest Inspirations

Each of the inspiration categories/classes will have a winner chosen, who will receive $4,000L as well as a trophy. Finally, there will be a Supreme Trophy awarded to the overall winner of all categories, who will receive an additional $4,000L. *

  • Linden prizes are per category not per designer, and they will be split evenly in event of a collaboration but each designer will get individual trophies.

Garments will be judged with equal weighting across five criteria:

Artistic Vision:

Articulated inspiration or narrative in your Artist Statement
The synergy between your artwork and your Artist Statement

Creativity and Originality:

Use of traditional techniques in a non-traditional way
The presentation of unconventional ideas.

Innovative Use of Materials:

The innovation, manipulation and transformation of materials

Quality of Craftsmanship and Construction:

Excellence in form and technique.

Visual Impact:

Level of visual impact from all angles.

Wearable Arts Design Exhibitor Space Application

Accepted designers store spaces may have less outre’ clothing for sale in them but to apply they MUST submit at least one piece for the fashion Wearable Arts Competition. Please note that as with all RFL and Home & Garden Expo guidelines, all items must remain PG, whether on display or in your individual stores on site. We do accept templates as well as original mesh and welcome designer collaborations.

*Please note, we also requite that fashion spots have 2 items that are 100% donation items the same as all other exhibitors do*

****Applying does not automatically mean you will be granted a position in the H&G Expo, nor the Wearable Arts Competition. All approved designers will be required to distribute to the assigned model(s) a copy of their design for display/modeling purposes. The focus here needs to be Wearable Art, as this is not a typical fashion show.

The grand display of Second Life's Home & Garden & Breedable creations!