For Bloggers

We are building a team of home and garden bloggers to cover the largest and longest running Home and Garden event in SL: The Secondlife Home and Garden Expo 2019, which runs from 15th March to 7th April, with blogger access the 14th.

The event spans 10 full sims, and showcases many genres and styles, from decor items via furniture and landscapes to houses. The Expo is a charity event, supporting Relay for Life of Secondlife. RFL does not accept adult items in the event, and blog posts and pictures must also be PG/Moderate.

As this is a home and garden event, we expect our bloggers to focus on home and garden objects in their posts. Avatars are acceptable in the pictures only if they serve a purpose: Using furniture animations for instance.
Blogger boxes (at each creator’s discretion) will be available at the Expo during the blogger preview day, and will only be given to official bloggers. Creators may of course also send items directly to their official bloggers

All items that are given to bloggers through blogger boxes are on display and can be tested on location. Please be aware that most creators expect taken items to be blogged. This is especially true for new creators and creators who have never collaborated with bloggers before.

To ensure the best possible coverage, each blogger will be assigned either to specific regions, or specific creators. The assigned creators’ items should be blogged before or at the same time as (but not after) you blog items from other creators.

All blog posts must credit all itens that are used, their creators, and be linked to the Expo website as well as the event inworld.

The Expo is a collaborative event, and bloggers and creators alike build a large team. Just like we present our exhibitors with logo and links on the website, we want to present our blogger team the same way. We therefore ask you to send us a 512*512 non alpha texture (once accepted), a short presentation of your blog (in the application) and will link this picture to your blog.

Once a blog is posted, we expect you to send your blogger report through a google form. We will then post at minimum the blog post link on our website, but may also elect to showcase your blog on the front page. The sooner you report your post to us, the sooner we can help you to share it on our blog and social media.

Pictures on Flickr should be added to our moderated Flickr group and tagged #SLHomeandGardenExpo19

The grand display of Second Life's Home & Garden & Breedable creations!