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Designing Worlds

Why live in a box when you can live in a home with ambiance that touches your heart and soul? Unique homes of every style at Varriale Designs.

A fun shop where your imagination can roam.
~ Specialising in Dollhouses & Miniatures~
Hand crafted minatures ~ 10 LI (prims) or less
~ All items easily moved around with no loose parts 🙂

Loggin’ Off Homes ~ Low-cost builder of an ever growing selection of custom Log Homes, gazebos and other buildings, which is ever-evolving. Unique style and very realistic detail are part of what sets these apart from the rest.

Everything for the home and garden

Eclectic and sometimes eccentric offerings of food, furnishing, fashion, fun , buildings, photo props, landscaping and more. Creating whatever catches our imagination and offering it up to enrich your enjoyment of Second Life be you a Biggie, Tiny, Dinkies or Chibit!

Spacelingz are Crashing Soon! Breed, Battle, Play

Breedables Re-Imagined the FIRST Animesh Breedable Horse for second life.
BRI horses are low impact, high definition, extremely low lag creations made to put the fun back in breeding. Let your horses move around, let them show off their personalities to you and others.

Love Everlasting Home & Garden Store, now in our tenth year, boasts a full line of seasonal indoor and outdoor decor, furniture and homes (furnished and unfurnished). Custom work available on request. We are also builders for PlantPets Breedable plants since 2012.

Home and garden things

The grand display of Second Life's Home & Garden & Breedable creations!