Congratulations. You have signed up for the 2021 RFL Home & Garden Expo but still have a couple of questions? Read on for a comprehensive list of answers.

Firstly. General questions are probably answered somewhere on the webpage, primarily in the Frequently Asked Questions/Intellectual Property/Rules, Terms & Disclaimers sections under the For Exhibitors section on the tab on the left hand side of the webpage. Please refer here first to see if we’ve got the answer for you in writing:)

Also. please please please make a note of the parcel or store size you have signed up for and the relevant prims for that space. Yes, it really only does take a minute for us to open the spreadsheet and a couple more minutes to find you on it. But if you multiply that by 100x a day. It can become quite a time consuming thing and even organizers sleep sometimes.

For anything you can’t find on the website, feel free to ask in group chat. there is usually someone there who can point you toward the answer you need and they are all nice. Even Kaerri.

Below is a list of dates we have so far:

24 December 2020 – Payments for spaces due by then please.

18 February 2021 – Regions are delivered by Linden Labs.

20 February 2021 (evening SL Time) – We hope to let you all in to begin setting up your parcels/stores.

24 February 2021 (Midnight SL Time) – Setup to be finished or as close to as possible.

25 & 26 February 2021 – Blogger days.

27 February 2021 – Open!

Assorted other people to talk to if you need them:

Oldesoul Resident – Entertainment and General questions

Saffia Widdershins – Live talks & decorating competition.

Kaerri Rae – General questions ( but no talking to her18-20 February 2021)

Deann Dufaux, AllieKat44, Mike8775 – General questions.

UnderCoverLady, Madison Gardner, Roshy Aura, Deann Dufaux, BB Woodford – Help setting up store spaces, terraforming etc.

Kryptonia Paperdoll – Wearable Art Awards

Kammie2 Resident – Blogger Manager and all things blogger’y

VenKellie Resident – Expo Radio

Dergirlo Resident, Marcel Mosswood -Website.

Cain Maven – Clean ups in aisle 2.

The grand display of Second Life's Home & Garden & Breedable creations!