Nickel sponsors

Unflat Stuff delivers high quality original mesh and has a preference for rustic, retro decor.
Soaring Lark has existed for about three and a half years. Beautify life in SL. Offer only high quality products, very affordable prices
.:Partners in Crime:. aims its focus on quality furniture, decoration, clothing and accessories, to enhance your Second Life. Fantasy, vintage, rustic and urban quality items, including its own original mesh collection.
Purple Moon ~ Seasonal decorations and small home decorations
Shylas Creations ~ From accessories to furniture focusing on quality while keeping prices reasonable.
Korppokur House
Ichigo Ichie ~ Furniture and decor for your Japanese lifestyle, including the traditional art of Japanese tea ceremony.
Oi Bae! features high quality items at affordable prices. Inc. clothes for Slink, Maitreya, Ocacin, Fitmesh, Ebody, Tonic, Belleza, and TMP.
Normandy ~ Original mesh clothing and accessories for men and women
Rahja Art
Original mesh decor inspired by vintage, bohemian and rustic styles. Planters, Benches, Shelves, Pillows.
We Sell Unique Original mesh items in any stile to decorate your home or garden
Strawberry Gashes is all about decor, fashion, accessories… things between kawaii to gothic, and more
Highgod Originals is a newly established store with in the Second Life virtual world. Here you will find original mesh products, uniquely created for the residents of Second Life. Find luxurious works with an urdan theme.

The grand display of Second Life's Home & Garden & Breedable creations!