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Dragonsworn is dedicated to providing builders with ease of building for their stores, homes, and adding to their creations in an affordable way.
Elementals - Prefabs, Decor @ More
{Elementals} – Prefabs, Decor & More
Elementals creates original Low Li mesh including prefabs, skyboxes, furniture, decor & more. A shop full of creative projects of all shapes & sizes created by Secret Shuffle.
Galapagos Beach House

mesh houses, mesh buildings, mesh animated animals, furnitures, user objects
Country Corner
I make country decor for the home and garden
Anam Cara Designs Logo
{ACD} was founded in 2010 and offers a diverse selection of items ranging from it’s popular baby girl & kawaii items to more elegant & casual designs.
Whether it’s a single item or a full set of furniture, everything will always be built with love & priced affordably because it should never cost a fortune for comfort & style.
Lunaria Logo
Fantasy and nature themed landscaping and home decor
Happy Tea(h)cup Logo
This shop has a fine collection of creative ideas developed into virtual items. Indeed, it was established to explore fantasies that enable a better Second Life (SL) atmosphere while providing a life that is worth every second of virtual fun to even the most unsettled avatars. So, as the creator, I planned to combine your dreams with my wishes and make you as happy as the day which you tasted your first cup of yummy tea. =^_^=
Ichigo Ichie logo
Japanese tea ceremony
The Olde Attic
The Olde Attic is home to a range of garden, furniture and homes with the aim of providing low land impact, high quality products at fair prices.
Macca Logo

✧ Australian Made ✧ Quirky original mesh designs – accessories, decor, furniture, and more.
SOS Survivors of Suicude Logo
SOS – Survivors of Suicide

The grand display of Second Life's Home & Garden & Breedable creations!