Official Bloggers

These are the many voices of this year’s Home & Garden Expo and Breedables Fair.  Excitement is building as they bring even more talent and skill to this event and spread the word about the amazing creators in an awesome virtual world!

Blogger Manager: Roman Godde (SL Registry)

6astoria6 (Hard Knot Life)

Adalynnereed (Graceful Class and Elegant Sass)

Aerlinniel Vella Rougneck (Aerlinneil’s Wolftracks)

Anjill Pevensey

BabiCPS (all things)

bebelg7 Resident (Na moda com Bebel Kharis)

Bixyl Shuftan (SL Newser)

Chic Aeon (Chic at Phil’s Place)

ChoiBoiamI (Choiboi Decorates)

Christiana1 (Creations & Designs)

Crescent666 (Mrs. I’m Late)

DJMARCO1991 Sparta (Midnight Mania Ialia)

Ful Macchi (Destiny Style)

FunkyMunky Soulstar (Munky Soulstar)

Gordon Ferd (Ferd Styles)

Julianna Jonstone (Fashion Clinic)

Karisyn13 Gossipgirl (Vindicated Monstar)

KhaleesiShinn (Khaleesi’s Wardrobe)

Kryptonia Paperdoll (Kryptonia Paperdoll)

LauraGenia Viper (Laura’s Lair)

Lesoleil Caproni (Soli’s Blog)

Lexotan6mg Merlin (Lexo Merlin) (Inventory Mess)

Liv McKeenan (My Stylus) (Konejitas VIP)

Maximinius McMahon (M&H Fashion Blog and Video Maker)

Morghana Savira (Fashion Dream in SL)

Mozart Loordes (a man 4 all seasons)

Naiike (Sell your soul to fashion)

Neysa Rae (Neysa Rae Plurk)

Nissa Nightfire

Petralalexander (Petra L Alexander)

Phenella (Phenart Fashion and other stuff)

Ravenwings ([just amelia])

Rosecullen (Glittering Fashionista)

Roxaane Fyanucci (Les Clairs de lune de Roxaane)

Ruby022 (Jade Dreams)

Ryantailor resident (Fashion Stylez of Secondlife)

Sannae Chester (My Fresh Trend)

Sannita Cortes (Sannis Fashion Look & More in SL)

Selene Coy (El inVenTario De Selene)

Spunknbrain Resident (Bits & Pieces of SL)

Thalia Lupindo (The Style Asylum)

Thedra Diesel (SLook Virtual)

Trixie Lanley (The Eclectic Home)

Wendz Tempest (CozeySL)


The grand display of Second Life's Home & Garden & Breedable creations!