Official Bloggers

Below you will find the list of official bloggers for this years Secondlife Home and Garden Expo.

The Expo is a charity event, supporting Relay for Life of Secondlife. RFL which runs from the 15th March to the 7th April.

DJLdyH3ll Adored (Blogger Manager)
Eloenmarie Resident
KhaleesiShinn Resident
Shaileen Resident
Kryptonia Paperdoll
Suzie coba
Aerlinniel Vella
Lizzy Gracemount
Liv Mckeenan
Sannita Cortes
Mozart Loordes
Beuanna Resident
Sannae Chester
Maximinius McMAhon
Joytibloom Resident
Petals Jinx
Halfwraith Caerndow
KayKay Stine
Mahogany Soulstar
Brucebrennan resident
Reaghan Resident
aidenrodriguezzz resident
xkumomix Resident
Gem Henly
Airbeth Dawg
morgana hilra
Ava Jhamin
Nieandera Resident


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The grand display of Second Life's Home & Garden & Breedable creations!