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Maven Homes
Maven Homes offers high quality prefab houses for the discerning home owner. All our homes come equipped with a rich set of features. Our selection of homes include a variety of sizes and styles that fit every budget.
Teegle is a seller of animesh pets and nonhuman avatars since 2012, specializing in high quality horses and equestrian decor.
LoPo District – Apparel, Jewelry, Furnishings, Footwear, HP-RP Goods, SL Ink Custom Tattoos, Raven’s Eye Novelties & Curiosities.

The Grove Country Club Estates is Second Life’s most beautiful residential community. Spanning 16+ regions, The Grove offers a place to call home to fit any dream. Celebrating ten years of outstanding design, you need to call The Grove home. Love where you live!

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Here at Pierce Designs we are all about creating unique and captivating environments and products for our customers. Some of our services include: – Custom builds – Full sim design & build – Landscaping – Terra-forming – Homesteads, private sims, parcels, special event sims & setups, and commercial sims.

Landscaping by Felix

High Quality custom vehicles

The grand display of Second Life's Home & Garden & Breedable creations!