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Maven Homes
Maven Homes offers high quality prefab houses for the discerning home owner. All our homes come equipped with a rich set of features. Our selection of homes include a variety of sizes and styles that fit every budget.
Dictatorshop Logo
Creator of finely crafted mesh furniture in a wide variety of styles with logical menus and high quality animations to help you get the most out of your home and garden. Products range from whimsical PG though classic living room furniture right on through naughty dungeon items for indoors and outdoors.
Landscaping by Felix
Landscaping by Felix
Landscaping Objects, Scenes, Landscaping Building Sets, Plants, Trees, Flowers
HILTED is a pink vs blue store. We love cyberpunk and Sci/fi but we also love everything cute, pink, and cuddly!
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Here at Pierce Designs we are all about creating unique and captivating environments and products for our customers. Some of our services include: – Custom builds – Full sim design & build – Landscaping – Terra-forming – Homesteads, private sims, parcels, special event sims & setups, and commercial sims.
Organica offers a variety of products for your home and gardening needs! Drop by for landscaping & gardening materials for asian, boreal and alpine environments, ground cover, contemporary furniture & homes.

The grand display of Second Life's Home & Garden & Breedable creations!