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Needful Prims
Needful Prims is a Second Life based company owned and operated by Christhiana Resident. We are committed to producing high quality, original mesh items at affordable prices. We provide free limited lifetime support for all our products.
Tm Creations
.:Tm:.Creation since 2010 Landscaping, furniture, decors and more
Eclectic and sometimes eccentric offerings of food, furnishings, fashion, fun , buildings, photo props, landscaping and more. Creating whatever catches our imagination and offering it up to enrich your enjoyment of Second Life.
Surplus Motors – Affordable vehicles for everybody!!
.:in V. Grandius:. Existing since 2012 and is known for Wedding Decor and outdoor Décor. We specialize in the wishes of our customers and give them the opportunity not only to buy Wedding Decor from us but also offer Wedding Location and Pastor for their perfect wedding. We even accept Custom Designs and try to put it as far into the real as possible.
Contemporary high-end designs for content creators and personal use. High quality mesh assets for home and garden. Furniture, lanscape and decor.
Prefab and Custom Homes from the mind of Sandi Glas

The grand display of Second Life's Home & Garden & Breedable creations!