Roawanwood ~ Searlait Nitschke

INTERVIEW WITH OUR SPONSOR: Searlait Nitschke of Roawanwood

Q:  Hello! Thank you so much for sponsoring the Home & Garden Expo and for your support of Relay For Life!  Is there a particular reason you chose to sponsor this year?

A:  I like to sponsor, to give an extra bit to the community…. For RFL. I have worked with it so often in real life and in SL so every little bit that I can do I try to.

Q:  Have you been involved in other events with Relay For Life of Second Life?  Have you been to a real world Relay?

A: Yes and yes. In Second Life I am one of the world builders for Fantasy Faire creating worlds on five different occasions for them. I’ve done displays for the RFL track a few times and have done some various events for different teams over the years. I try to get involved when I can.

In real life I’ve been a part of different teams and participated.

Q:  Tell us what you’re bringing to The Expo this year.  Especially about the items you created for Relay. Any other exclusive items you’re planning to release at the Expo?

A: I brought in some things, grasses, trees, and some little memorial boats.

Q:  When did you first arrive in Second Life and what brought you to Second Life?

A: Sure make me feel old. I came into SL at the end of June 2006.  A friend of mine on a forum I used to belong to started a thread talking about this great place that was in 3D where she flew around naked touring from sim to sim. Was having great fun doing it and wanted to share the link. She was quite impressed you could actually fly. That’s what brought me to Second Life, LOL

Q:  Can you tell us a bit about how you’ve spent your Second Life, besides building and creating awesome products?  Hobbies, interests.. things you’ve learned along the way ?

A: I role play when I can. I like to get into stories, and in depth characters. I have a lot of fun doing that. I love to write and that feeds into it. I can be quite the babbling para-rp’er. But often I am creating. I create the things I’d like to see or the things that people mention they’d like to see in their role play mostly. Ways to enhance a scene or living space. Most of my things have role play scenarios in mind. I’ve learned a lot. Modeling and 3d especially since mesh I felt I had to really learn to do it for myself. I’ve also learned that burn out is real. lol

Q:  Tell us about more about your SL business?  

A:  Well it’s a little bit of this and that. It started out as a challenge to see how far I could go, plus I couldn’t ever find what I really wanted so this was my way of throwing it out there. I wanted to do it all. My business is really a personal project where I like to welcome people as family though I’ve gotten a lot quieter than I used to be.  

Mostly I stick to period pieces, medieval, fantasy, and some Gorean. I don’t do a lot of contemporary building, and even when I try it ends up looking rustic or something.

Q: Are you looking forward to Second Life’s new generation platform and will you also set up shop there?  Do you have long-term goals for your business in Second Life, too?

A:  I don’t know. I haven’t decided.  Long term is relative isn’t it? My business is over 10 years old now…. Long term.  To try to remain a bit unique and still have fun doing it.

Q: Do you want to share a look at your life outside of  SL with us? What do you or did you do for a living? Does your family support your SL aspirations?  

A: Technically what I do here is my source of income, and yes they do.

Q: Anything else you’d like us to know about you, or a special mentor, friends or  someone who has really inspired your business?

A: Not at the moment, took me so long to find this (offlines and all things got eaten so had to go back to find) that I’m feeling bad that I didn’t get it done sooner! Lol


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