Stories from the Home and Garden Decorating Competition 2020

House 1: Lil Victorian by Painted Pixels
Decorated by Arween Whitfield

Arween says:
My house is the colorful house from Pipi Longstocking. Everything you see is lovingly put together, small datails make the house lively and lovable. It is as colorful as life. It should invite you to laugh, be happy, love and live.

And she wrote this poem:
If you milk butterflies and you can run over clouds then you see the world with children’s eyes. So wonderfully mysterious with glitter and fairy dust everywhere. Innocent adorable to touch the whole world. Everything is so clear and yet secretive …
(Arween Whitfield 07/2019)


House 2: Lauren Valley by Galland Homes
Decorated by Dictatorshop

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House 3: The Winter Cabin by Loggin’ Off Homes
Decorated by Dame Roxan

Friday night and her bag was packed and loaded in the car that morning. After going over the long to do list for the upcoming week, she finally left work about half hour later than quitting time. Walking quickly towards her car, she climbed in and started it. As she pulled out of the parking garage she sighed deeply. The sigh represented so many things, a long work week, and now the rush hour commute, but also with the anticipation of a long weekend curled up in the winter cabin in front of the fire.

She put on some smooth jazz to lessen the stress of the start and stop traffic, as well as fortifying herself with coffee for the commute. She was looking forward to the glass of wine she would enjoy in front of the fire in a couple hours time.

As the miles unfolded and the city began to recede in her rear view mirror, some of the stress began to ease away. She pulled off the busy freeway and eased onto the country road that led deeper into the woods. The tension lifted even more as she got closer to her destination. She smiled at the deer she spotted along the way. Finally! At long last she started catching glimpses of the cabin through the dense growth of trees. in a few moments she emerged into the small clearing in front of the cabin and stopped the car. As she stepped out a huge smile lit up her face.

She unlocked the door and stepped inside, hanging her coat on the coat rack and setting her bag on the floor. She took a quick glance around and headed upstairs to change into her flannel jammies, fluffing the pillows on the bed as she passed. She headed back downstairs to the kitchen and poured herself a large glass of wine. She made herself a plate of cheese and crackers and headed to the living room. The fire was already burning, casting a warm glow throughout the room. The cabin had been prepared for her arrival and now, finally she could relax and unwind. She plopped onto the sofa with her food drink, and a book, knowing she would pass out on the sofa, but the cozy quilt was at the ready.


House 4: The Skwer by Cain Maven
Decorated by Ororeia Resident & Kyra Nachtigal

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House 5: Barn House by RVi Design
Decorated by Aja Direwytch

Once upon a time there was a man with great sadness in his heart. He found work deep in the forest, where he could keep to himself. One day he happened on a small run down barn house. Inside the house he found a curious little lady. He asked her why she was living in such a run down house and she replied “I was waiting for you”. At this moment the strangest feeling came over our man with great sadness in his heart.

The curious little lady offered the man meals and shelter in exchange for some repair work on the house. He was hesitant at first but since he had nobody to go home to he decided to stay and help the lady with her house.

As the days went on and the housework neared completion the man suddenly realized there was no more sadness in his heart. It seems that the curious little lady had filled him instead with joys untold.

He asked her if he could stay and she accepted with a smile. To this day, they live in small barn house #5.

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House 6: Natane by Glas Houses
Decorated by Kaerri Rae

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House 7 Martha’s Vineyard Cottage by Little Big Designs
Decorated by Prokofy Neva

The year is 1918, the day before the July 4th parade.

Randolph J. Ross is a country grain merchant for the Birkett Mills and avid stamp collector who lives in Penn Yan, New York in a Victorian house by Cashew Writer, a student of the famous architect Charles Squires.

Since the loss of his lovely wife, Lavanda, on the sinking Titanic, Randolph has turned their quaint home into a shrine in her memory, trucking in a profusion of lavender and lilacs every day and displaying her mementos, playing over and over on the piano the sad, old tune of their college days, “After the Ball”.

When due to force of circumstances, Carter Blanc (whom you may recall from last year’s house), the son of his half-brother Arthur Ross, a Chicago grain dealer, is sent to recuperate at Randolph’s home after a series of misadventures in the Great War, he is forced to reconsider his lonely life.

Carter revives his late aunt’s lavender business and spruces up the place, re-planting the gardens. He is haunted by the memory of his arrest on the eve of a trip to join his parents on the Titanic, which caused them to use his ticket for his aunt. Randolph and Lavanda had been in Paris and then London, and she decided to leave him to attend the organizing meeting of the London Philatelic Society exhibit and attend to other business, as she was experiencing a great deal of morning sickness.

While preoccupied with his own troubles and his parents’ mysterious disappearance and reappearance after the Titanic disaster, Carter urges his uncle to put away Lavanda’s things and stop living in the past. In exchange for Carter agreeing to eat healthy buckwheat kasha from his mother’s china, Randolph puts away the first trinket in his old trunk, then falters…

The two grieving men are then thrust into a new enterprise by the unexpected visit of Charles Squires, the architect, who is furious at the impending auction of the “Inverted Jennie”, a highly rare stamp, and has concocted a plan for the heist of the century. Carter thinks he can put his considerable passport forging skills to work for this just cause…

Prokofy Neva


House 8: Lil Victorian by Painted Pixels
Decorated by Jarrod Beck

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House 9: Lauren Valley by Galland Homes
Decorated by CaraTriple

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House 10: The Palomar by Cain Maven
Decorated by Gem Henly

The mail had been delivered and I heard Magnus tote my boxes up to my dressing room. I patently waited as he toted the last box up the stairs grumbling under his breath. I took the day off from work today to since I knew my influencer items would arrive today. I am looking forward to sorting through it all. I heard him leave the dressing room and I ran upstairs. I tore through all the boxes and dug through my wardrobe to find pieces of clothing to combine for tonights dinner party. I hauled my home goods to their appropriate rooms and sat down at the computer to contain my thoughts. The oceans scent wafted up to the balcony and calmed my inner chaos.

I knew I didn’t have much time to linger before I needed to head down stairs to cook up my dinner feast. I was having friends over for appetizers, homemade pasta and fondue tonight. I slaved away in the kitchen until afternoon. I then decorated the table in a feast style and when I was happy with the look it was time to head upstairs to soak in the lovely tub. I only had an hour before company arrived so I needed to be quick but a glass of wine in tub is always heavenly.

The house looks great, the food smells better and I look stunning. What a great evening tonight will be. I hope we have enough seating in the living room to enjoy the lively entertainment tonight. If not there are a few quieter seats scattered around outside to enjoy the evening air.

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House 11: The Beach Cabin by Loggin’ Off Homes
Decorated by Alec Rogue and Roshy Aura

Background Story:
An old navy diver finally decided to retire and settle down. He had recently married his old flame. The old sailor brought his new bride home to his cabin in the woods. He thought it the perfect spot to start their lives together. Little did he know how quickly his life was going to change.

First his new wife made some minor adjustments to the kitchen, getting new appliances. He thoughts “okay, little upgrade. No biggie.” Then she started changing the furniture. She moved his bachelor chairs upstairs to the bedroom. He thought “Okay, well at least she let me keep them and didn’t throw them out” Then his favorite smoking chair went to the balcony. Now he was starting to get nervous. He had to stop her from getting rid of his wardrobe. It was the perfect size for his things and not to mention it took FOREVER to put it together.

After he finally got her to allow him to keep most of his things, she started adding her own furniture. Now, some of the furniture he really liked. That window seat was a sweet addition. He could watch her reading in the morning while sipping her coffee. Or biting the end of her pencil while doing a crossword puzzle. It also allowed them a place to snuggle inside and watch the sunset. He also liked and occasionally used her secretary desk that she added to his music room. She had inherited the desk from her father after he passed and was very sentimental about it. He freaked out a little when her wardrobe took over half of the upstairs bathroom. I mean it was already pretty small for just the tub. But somehow she managed to fit it all in there.

They did a lot of give and take to come to an agreement on several things. He got to keep his boat and dock. I mean, just because he retired didn’t mean he still didn’t want. to go out on the water. Plus it allowed him time to fish. She was against going out on the boat, said it made her seasick so it became his personal time. In exchange, his deer stand became a nest where they both could go up and enjoy the view. He missed the hunting part, but loved the time with his wife. His music room was another small sacrifice but not one he was upset with. He woke up one morning to some banging noises. His first thought was “Oh god, what is she up to now???” He was pleasantly surprised when he found her in the music room playing her new bongos she had ordered. She wanted to surprise him with trying to accompany his guitar playing by joining him with her new drums. He liked the idea, and, after he made breakfast for them both, they had a little jam session where he helped her with her timing and then also gave her some guitar lessons.

The sailor and his new wife learned how to compromise and managed to help decorate their home in a style both could enjoy. He still had his nautical tastes to the house and she had her personal touches that gave it a sense of warmth. Both were very happy with the outcome.

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House 12 – Barn House by RVi Design
Decorated by SeXXXy Bliss (Silent Hope)

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House 13: Natane by Glas Houses
Decorated by DevinVaughn resident (with assistant Akira Voorhees)

In a not-too-distant future where the climate and oceans are rapidly changing, few brave souls willingly live in the danger zone. At Weather Outpost #017, located in the Florida Keys, is one such person, — a Climate Scientist. His mission is to collect vital information which can be used for better weather forecasting, and transmit back his data to NOAA and the National Hurricane Center in New Miami.

More than just a home, the Outpost also functions as meeting area and office space for visiting scientists, government officials, and journalists. The home is packed with advanced Green Technology. It generates its own power for the whole house and Cybertruck using solar panels and a wind turbine. Water is produced thanks to a rainwater collection cistern. Food is grown on the roof top garden.

Being located close to the Gulf of Mexico, the home is raised off the ground in case of flooding, and the LED infused news alert windows are also shatter-proof up to a Cat 5 Hurricane.

Unlike the old Lighthouses of a bygone era, the Weather Outpost is better able to entertain its lonely resident with satellite link internet for watching TV, video conference calls, and playing games against other people through the net.

It’s a dangerous life, but the Climate Scientist is committed to his cause to save lives.


House 14: Martha’s Vineyard Cottage by Little Big Designs
Decorated by Mrs Sterling

A message from Mrs Sterling:

I am a builder here in sl for over 13 years. I have 3 sisters, a son, and my mother in rl who have had or are battling cancer. So i do love taking part in this type of event and fund raising. This isn’t a sob story or a means to get the winning ticket. I enjoy doing this.

The purple bedroom set and living room set are made for my mom. She was looking over my shoulder as i was making it all. She loves purple and just had to have it. That is why i loved the purple house. Two weeks ago she was told she has lung cancer (stage 1). She was lucky – her doctor is a pain in the butt and makes her get tests.

Almost everything here in and or around the house, I built. I strive to make better things for everyone in sl. I don’t charge a lot $l cause this is my outlet. I am disabled in rl.. Yeah yeah.. Other stuff too.. I love to buy stuff from other creators and share the lindens.

I am one of the proud owners of dinkie duds so stop in and take a look around. I’m working on learning mesh but blender scares me..

Love and hugs to you all.

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