Stories from the Houses

Here are extra stories about some of the houses in the decorating competition:

House 2: The Del Mar Farmhouse

House No.2 - The Del Mar Farmhouse
House No.2 – The Del Mar Farmhouse

This house is the Del Mar Farmhouse, created by Dean Ashby of Redgrave Homes
It has been decorated by Denise Rowlands, Babydoll Tracy(aka ℬαвуđσℓℓ), MiaSofia1987 (aka Mια ) and CaseyGarced (aka Casey)

Putting the last dish away, she turned with a satisfied sigh, as she gazed around her clean and cozy kitchen. She knew she’d made the right decision to buy this beautiful farm house in the country.

It wasn’t an easy decision to leave everything she’d known behind, but knew if she wanted her children to have a life different from her own, a different life from the one they were living, she’d have to leave the city.

She grabbed a glass and a bottle of wine and headed up to the roof to watch the stars, something she’d not been able to see in the city amid all the neon glare, and marveled at the sky in this magical place where the only lights at night were those of the stars, moon and fireflies.

Peeping in on her children as she passed their rooms on her way to the rooftop, she felt such joy at seeing them nestled in their beds, warm and safe. She felt gratitude that the loudest sound her children would hear, should they wake, would be “hoo hoo” of an owl rather than screeching tires, crazy screams, or even gun shots of a city gone mad after sundown.

Treading softly she took the stairs to the roof. Pouring the wine in her glass she set the bottle down and walked to the telescope. It was one of the first things she had to have when she bought this house. She wanted to see the stars.

House No.2 - The Del Mar Farmhouse
House No.2 – The Del Mar Farmhouse

There was something so poetic, almost holy, about the stars that glittered in the night sky. Now her children have something majestic to take for granted instead of the homeless people that lined the streets or the rats in the hallways or the peeling walls that needed paint but were graffiti’d instead.

She loved this house. The perfect kitchen to bake cookies and pies and cozy dining room where they ate together every night as a family should. The living room they shared with their kittens and puppies. Their bedrooms where in their sleep their dreams came sweet on the night.

House No.2 - The Del Mar Farmhouse
House No.2 – The Del Mar Farmhouse

As she gazed at the sky, she thought, “All I need is a garden now.” Imagining rows of red tomatoes and green peppers and yellow squash and green beans. “… And of course, pink roses and lavender…” She decided with a grin the first thing she would do tomorrow after breakfast is gather her children and go buy seeds.

Written by Jilla Lamar


House 5: The Palomar

This house is the Palomar, created by Cain Maven of Maven Homes
It has been decorated by Chant Lyric

I have been given the honor of decorating this home for the Relay for Life House & Garden Expo 2019.

This has been both bitter sweet for me and here is the story behind this sanctuary.

This is a true story and has triggered in me, the memories, the cancer, the sickness, the grief, the loss of the most beautiful soul I would be blessed to share a life with. I find it difficult for the most part to participate in anything related to cancer. It brings back too many sad memories for me. But here I am facing these demons again but with all the love and joy in my heart in celebration of a life lived with the greatest love of my life.

My passion for decorating and design has been a part of my entire being for as long as I can ever remember. As a child I would draw houses and visualize how my dream home would look.
Life circumstances never allowed me to pursue this passion in any kind of professional way.

Second Life has been the platform for me to play with this creativity that had to be buried inside of me while I rebuilt my shattered life and returned to the workforce to make a living in order to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table and give my two young children the education they deserved. Life was about just working hard to survive in this world and create a home full of love and peace.

House 5: The Palomar
House 5: The Palomar

I met and fell in love with my childhood sweetheart at the tender age of 13 – he was 14 – I can honestly say it was Love At First Sight for us both. A deep knowing. Our lives evolved around one another for the next 22 years.

He was the Love of my Life. He always encouraged and supported my “decorating” although he would never let me pick up a paint brush ( way too messy, and would take him forever to clean up my mess!) so I was banned from touching paint!

One day our world was turned upside down – we were in our early 30’s, just built a new home I had designed, new business venture for us that my husband had created. Two young kids. Life was wonderful for us. Then that day, that dreadful day he was diagnosed with Non Hogkinson’s Lymphoma Cancer, first stage – we were told he was one of the lucky ones – a curable cancer – and if detected early enough is curable. We knew several people who had survived this same cancer.

Little did we know he would be dead within 3 months. It was a tragic shocking unexpected journey for the next 3 months resulting in his death at 36 years of age.

House 5: The Palomar
House 5: The Palomar

Our lives were turned upside down, and inside out. Our lives shattered. I had to pick up the remnants of our lives of myself and our two young children who were traumatized by his death. They, we had lived a cotton wool world and our lives came crashing down. The grief was overwhelming.

Fortunately for me, I always had a deep sense spiritually (not religous). I experienced blessings throughout this 3 month period leading to his death which I cannot even begin to put into words. All I can say is I was touched by the “Hand of Grace” – I had gone to hell on earth and heaven on earth in the space of 12 hours witnessing what no one should ever have to witness a loved one endure.

Despite the trauma being played out in the physical form in front of me, there was a grace, this incredible Love that I cannot even express with the written word – there are no words. This energy remained with me and was life changing. Despite the sadness, the anxiety, there was something bigger than me at play and I had to learn to surrender to “what was” as opposed to “what is”. Layer upon layers of self realization were being revealed to me and has continued to reveal itself to me. It has been an inner journey that is not for the faint hearted.

I desperately sought to find Peace inside of myself despite the overwhelming grief that set in. Meditation became a huge part of my life, my home became my sanctuary. This home is not unlike the sanctuary I had created all those years ago. Lots of floor to ceiling glass and sunshine, tropical garden views off all the living areas, peaceful music, music played non stop in my home, love songs, rock n roll, music of all genres, then my mantras, chanting sacred mantra’s – how my SL name was created – I love sacred Mantra’s and spent many a time chanting sacred mantra’s. Essential oils and incense filtering through my home.

House 5: The Palomar
House 5: The Palomar

These all offered an inner sanctuary in what felt like torture at times, dealing with two angry grieving children, finding employment, having to go back out into a corporate world where qualifications were the mandate and experience counted for little. Missing the love of my life with every breathe I took in life. There are no words to describe the separation I felt from him.

So yes meditation became the most important aspect of my life. It bought about an inner peace, it opened my conscious awareness and has continued to bring countless blessings to my life.

My intention with this home is to do just what I did and still do in RL – create a home that when you walk into you instantly feel the energy of Peace, A Sanctuary – a place to come home to and wash away all the worries and energy of the world we live in. With a little bit of humor thrown in with the Animesh dude strutting his stuff at the entrance! Life is too short not to have fun and laugh, and fortunately I have been blessed with good humor.

I hope you feel the joy, the peace when you step inside this Sanctuary. I cannot help but dedicate this to my darling late husband with all the love and passion inside of me.

Chant Lyric


House 7: The Treehouse

House 7 - The Treehouse
House 7 – The Treehouse

This house is The Treehouse, created by Mike of Loggin’ Off Homes Mike of Loggin’ Off Homes
It has been decorated by CaMeRoN Messinez and Luna Silbermann (aka Luna Messinez)

Our Experience – By Cameron&Luna Messinez

Receiving this house felt like:

Reserving a place for one week vacation without seeing any pictures of the place, only knowing where it was.

We got there after hours of driving, our travel agent (Miss Saffia Widdershins) gave us the keys of the place and the welcome package, and just like that we were ready to start our ‘vacations’. We looked at the house, and it was a very particular house, out of the ordinary and not what we expected. Still, we held hands and got inside to settled.

House 7 - The Treehouse
House 7 – The Treehouse

Once inside the house we couldn’t find the right place for our stuffs, and it was late, so it was time to rest from our trip.

Waking up the next day, we saw the beautiful sunrise through the windows and immediately, started ‘unpacking’ our stuffs. We imagined been in a deep forest surrounded by trees. Finding a place for every thing was exciting, imagining our surroundings, smelling the clean air, listening to a near river. Then we knew how our decor should start!

We created what the house inspired in us, a beautiful forest, with tall trees, a short river with clean and fresh water. Then we felt hungry, It was time to set the kitchen area with what we had with us because we were (like) in the middle of nowhere, but we came ready!

House 7 - The Treehouse
House 7 – The Treehouse

After having everything in place, the night came on us and Oh-My-God what a beautiful place, what a delicious state of mind. No Internet was needed, no cellphones, nothing. We just sat at our bedroom’s balcony and enjoyed all that natural pine wood essence coming from the house itself.

This tree house feels now like a place where you’d want to extend your vacation and stay for couple of more weeks. An amazing place you’d plan to come back next year.


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