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The Winners of the Home and Garden Decorating Contest – and a Little Addition

All images by Wildstar Beaumont

The Home and Decorating raised 159,288 Lindens – that’s US$615.93 in total!

You can see a list of the prizes they won here.

The winners of the contest were:

Decorating Contest - House 8
Decorating Contest – House 8

1st Place: Jarrod Beck for House 8: Lil Victorian by Painted Pixels

Decorating Contest - House 4
Decorating Contest – House 4

2nd Place: Ororeia Resident & Kyra Nachtigal for House 4: The Skwer by Cain Maven

Decorating Contest - House 5
Decorating Contest – House 5

3rd Place: House 5: Aja Direwytch for Barn House by RVi Design

In addition …

We invited the competitors to submit stories to go with their homes, if they wanted to, and several did. You can read these stories by clicking on the signs by the gates of each house. We were so impressed by the stories that we decided to run a second competition for the best three stories.

Lantern Release, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont
Lantern Release, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

These will be judged and the results announced at the Final Lantern Ceremony at 4pmSLT on the roof of the theatre on Hope 3 – when we all ride the Lanterns (more details about that to come).

And that will be followed by a party in the gardens of the Designing Worlds cafe at the Expo (designed by undercoverlady), dj’d by DaveOSaurus.

If you would like to donate a prize/s for the story competition, there is a form here: https://forms.gle/m7K6ks2U6uoooCX1A


Find out the results of the Home and Garden Decorating Contest!

Home and Garden Expo Decorating Contest
Home and Garden Expo Decorating Contest

The Home and Garden Decorating Competition is now finished!

The winners will be announced at 2pm SLT today at the Decorating Street – which will give people a chance to inspect all the houses (and maybe donate a little more to Relay for Life of Second Life!

And to whet your appetite for the announcement of the results … here are the fantastic prizes that stores have generously donated!

Participating Store First Prize Second Prize Third Prize
=EC Designs= Gift Card – 1000L Gift Card – 750L Gift Card – 500L
Ashbourne & Co. Fine Jewellers L$500 gift card L$250 Gift Card L$100 Gift Card
Casa de Bebe Gift Card L$2500 Gift Card L$1500 Gift Card L$1000
Dench Designs Raithby Kitchen Collection (Kitchen, Sink & Fridge – All Animated) Sherwood Collection (Log Seating, Campfire, Tree, Table – All Animated)
Spilsby Collection (Seating, Fountain, BBQ, Prep Table – All animated)
Digitize 1000l Digitize Gift Card 500l Digitize Gift Card 300l Digitize Gift Card
DLS: Dreamin’ Leaf Studios DLS Atelier Work Table & Work Stool DLS Atelier Daybed
DLS Atelier Entrance Rug
Dragonsworn 200 gift card 100 gift card 50 gift card
FaceDesk – Creative Creations Love Nest Season Tree – ADULT Kingston Elegance Bedroom Set *PG* Animesh Penguin Pet
FlyingArts LL$ 400 Gift Card (can be split into 2 L$200 for a duo win) L$ 200 Gift Card
Galland Homes Galland Homes L$1000 Gift Cert. Galland Homes L$500 Gift Cert.
Galland Homes L$500 Gift Cert.
GardenCenterSimona Gift Card 2000 LS Gift Card 1500 LS Gift Card 1000 LS
Highgod Originals HighGod MiniFrig No.1 (original mesh item) HighGod StonerShelf Lamp (original mesh item)
HighGod LitSmall Stoner (original mesh item)
IC From Within – Original Art by ilyra Longing for May by ilyra chardin (2D Art)    
Kitty Creations 2500 gift card 1500 gift card 1000 gift card
LoPo 1000L$ gift card 500L$ gift card 250L$ gift card
Love Everlasting Home & Garden Store a furnished Country Romance Cottage a modular rooftop garden with greenhouse our new “Spring Karma” bedroom & living room set
LozMac Designs La Lune Table Set – Texture Change Side Table, Candle Lantern, Plant, Working Analogue Clock. Also – Rug Set, Witchin Winter Table, Texture Change Cocoa Mugs & Texture Change Curtains La Lune Table Set – Side Table, Candle Lantern, Plant, Working Analogue Clock. Also – Rug Set & Witchin Winter Table La Lune Table Set – Side Table, Candle Lantern, Plant & Working Analogue Clock
Main Street Designs L$1000 gift card L$500 gift card L$250 gift card
Mara Telling: photography
Mara Telling: la mer (photo on resizable canvas)
Maven Homes The Palomar — Unfurnished Gift card for 50% off next purchase
Gift card for 25% off next purchase
Opi – Mesh Curtains & Pillows Arched Tied Drape – Lace with Roses Royal Drape – Natur Luxury Drape – Rose
Simply Designed Any 2 items from my store Any 1 item from my store
Any dozen cupcake of their choice
studioDire L$1000 Gift Card L$750 Gift Card L$500 Gift Card
Sugarfish Sugarfish – Toolbox w/ Tulips Sugarfish – Tin bucket w/ Roses
Sugarfish – Tin bucket w/ Roses
The Grove Country Club Estates One free month of rent at The Grove One free month of rent at The Grove One free month of rent at The Grove
Three Wishes Studio A photo session of your choice with a partner or alone A portrait session with a minimum of 3 portraits at the end A profile portrait
Unflat Stuff 10 items to choose from the shop 8 items to choose from the shop
6 items to choose from the shop
Varriale Designs Varriale Gift Certificate 7000L Varriale Gift Certificate 4000L
Varriale Gift Certificate 2000L
Widdershins 500L Gift Card 250L Gift Card 100L Gift Card
XPOSEure L$500 GC L$200 GC L$100 GC

SkyeRyder Varriale speaks at the Home and Garden Expo!

Today, Saturday 7th March, in the Theatre at 2pm SLT, SkyeRyder Varriale, of Varriale Designs, will be talking about her beautiful homes – and about the landscaping that forms such an important part of the concepts she explores.

And Skye will be offering a giftcard worth 7,000 Lindens to be spent at her store for one lucky winner of our prize draw (open to all attendees)!

Be sure not to miss this!

Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hope%203/116/218/30

Voting has now started in the Home and Garden Decorating Contest!

Voting in the Home and Garden Decorating Contest is really easy – and you can join in by exploring the newly decorated homes on Hope 3!

All the fourteen houses have been decorated, and RFL kiosks have been placed outside each home.

Every Linden you pay into the kiosks counts as a vote – you can vote as much and as often as you like, and you can vote for as many houses as you want!

Voting will close at midnight SLT on March 12th.

For information on the individual houses, click on the house name signs outside each home on Hope 3. You’ll find stories, links to pictures and blog posts!

More information about the individual houses will be posted here soon.

Come to today’s Show and Tell at the Theatre!

Today in the Theatre at 2pm SLT, we are offering a  chance for creators to bring in some of their latest (or most loved) creations, and show them off to fellow creators and Expo visitors.

These Show and Tell sessions are always fun – and a way of showcasing some remarkable creations!

So come along – and show us what you’ve got!

Text and Voice
Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hope%203/116/218/30

Elizabeth Burleigh of Ashbourne & Co. Fine Jewellers and Blue Moon Atelier Gallery talks at the Expo!

Elizabeth Burleigh will be talking to Saffia Widdershins at 2pm SLT about her work and about Relay for Life of Second Life.

Elizabeth Burleigh is the alter-ego of real life mythic artist & author Mary Layton. In Second Life, she is the jewellery designer for Ashbourne & Co.

She says: “In 2008 m’colleague, Gryffyn Ashbourne and I founded our own jewellery line, in the tradition of the great jewellery houses of Europe.”

Her artwork is displayed at the Blue Moon Atelier Gallery In Caledon II.

And Elizabeth will be offering a giftcard for her store for one lucky winner of our prize draw (open to all attendees)!

The talk will be in Voice
Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hope%203/116/218/30

How can we create great publicity for Brands and Events? Home and Garden Expo Discussion at 2pmSLT

At 2pmSLT today, we’ll be hosting a discussion in the Theatre on Hope 3, discussing a vital topic: How can we build brands and events in Second Life?

This is an open discussion, where people can discuss problems and also solutions that they’ve come up with – and share ideas.

And in addition, there’s a special prize to be won! We’ll be offering the chance for one attendee at the discuss to be featured on an interview on the long-running and popular Second Life TV programme, Designing Worlds – where they can discuss their own store, brand or organisation. Who would want to miss that?